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Andrea Courtright

Chief Storyteller

Andrea crafts brand and cause stories using her Yoda-like observation skills, ninja-level knowledge of grammar, boundless imagination, and Quiz-Bowl-busting vocabulary. The gal can spin a yarn. We pity the fool who challenges her to a game of Scrabble™.  


Rebecca Bell Wilson

Chief Content Strategist

Rebecca is an unabashed question-asker, information architecture evangelist, geek-level researcher, possibility see-er, and dot connector. She finds the right footings from which to build a story and connects it to the right audience. She's also mildly obsessed with stickers, skiing, funky shoes, and letterpress cards. 

shout-outs for andrea and rebecca


Rebecca Bell Wilson is a rock star. Plain & simple. A kind and awesome human being. A finisher. Wicked intelligent, though the first to say she is not; so add humility to the chorus. Creative as all get out so beware of the right brain that lives with the greatness of her left brain. I could go on, but you get the picture. Boom.
— Eddie Coker, Founder of The Wezmore Project
Rebecca is fantastic to work with. She’s great at digging through all the data to find information that’s relevant to a client’s success. And, she has the perfect mix of creativity and common sense that makes her an asset to any collaboration.
— Emily Mantooth, Piebird Services